Children’s Yoga Classes

Lindsey teaches weekly infant, toddler, and preschool yoga classes at Marblehead Parenting  and free monthly classes at several local libraries.

Yoga Babies (6 weeks – Crawling) 

This is a unique class that is centered on the baby.  While the caregiver may do a few poses and gentle stretches, the emphasis is the gross motor movements of the baby.   This class also combines infant massage that can help relax your child or relieve gas.  Your baby will do yoga on their back, tummy, or in the loving arms of the caregiver.  For the parent this is a special opportunity for bonding with your child and watching his/her unique personality emerge, but also a chance to meet other caregivers and form relationships with parents in a similar life stage.


Yogini Tiny Tots: (crawling through early walkers)

This class uses music to get older babies moving and working on their gross skills.  The class allows children to explore and practice developmentally appropriate yoga poses, sing and dance, and explore using play based strategies.

Yogini Moves: (18 months – 5 years)

This class aims at getting kids moving and stretching in playful ways. This supportive and fun class helps children learn yoga through repetition.    It uses play, movement, songs, and props that allow children to practice their balance and coordination.  Each class uses fun interactive tools such as blocks, tunnels, the parachute, animals, hula hoops, all of which help kids get moving.